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Ropes Course Odysseys
My friends and family may not have noticed any dramatic changes in me, but I, as a person, feel stronger, happier, self confident and mentally and physically smarter
JoNina Cross, Rogers Middle School
I felt very trusting today, as I knew others trusted me in turn. Also, I felt that my efforts were worthwhile because people recognized my efforts whenever we completed an activity.
Khoa, Evergreen College
The energy you inspire is powerful and contagious.
Debra Lichstein, Healing Odyssey
A ropes course is about taking a "perceived risk" and going a step further than what's comfortable. (1995-08-29)
Paradise Post
Such a course serves as a "metaphor" for successful risk-taking in and out of the office. (1993-05-24)
The Business Journal
The goal is to have students gain a more solid feeling about themselves and school. (1995-10-19)
The Union

Ropes Course Odysseys

What is a Ropes Course?
The Ropes Course is a medium for experiential learning, growth and change. Odyssey's ropes course programs offer specific experiences in the areas of communication, team development, trust, decision-making, risk-taking and change readiness.

Ropes Course odysseys typically begin with a classroom briefing and move on to a series of action-oriented, problem solving, exercises. Participants are challenged to approach each successive activity with greater innovation, creativity and perseverance. At the conclusion of each activity, team members examine the extent to which individual and group behavior affected the outcome. It is through this process participants gain valuable insights that will transfer back to their personal and professional lives with powerful results.

What is the difference between Low Ropes and High Ropes?
Low ropes simply means the activities will be close to the ground. Although some simulations will involve physical and emotional challenge, the events will be no higher than 5 feet. High Ropes simply means some participants may be high off the ground. State of the art equipment is used to ensure the safety of each participant and all team members are involved in creating a safe environment. The element of height creates a level of intensity that can lead to profound breakthroughs and team bonding. Each of our high ropes events is designed to challenge a different personal or team quality, such as support, communication or teamwork. Although not physically difficult, the Odyssey high ropes course will challenge participant's perceived boundaries and leave a lasting impression. Participants from 12 to 87 years old have gained new insight related to personal wellness, business, school, team and life.

Over the past decade Odyssey has been delivering customized and pre-designed Ropes Course programs for Global corporations as well as small businesses. Please choose from one of our packaged workshops related to teambuilding, leadership, communication or call to talk to a facilitator regarding customized Ropes Course training.

Corporate Ropes Course Odysseys
Communication Odyssey

As educators, coaches, athletes, students and facilitators, we at Odyssey have collaborated to create a number of youth focused programs to meet the needs of today's young people. Choose from one of these tried and true programs, or contact us to design something to meet the specific needs of your group.

Youth Ropes Course Odysseys
Sports Team Odyssey
Leadership Odyssey
Campus Cohesion Odyssey
Wellness Odyssey

Adult/Non Profit
With such a diverse number of organizations included under this title most of these programs are customized. We have delivered Teachers In-service Odysseys, City Managers Odysseys, Board of Directors Odyssey and many more. If you fall under this category please contact us for more information and other options to achieve your training goals.

Interested in your own high or low ropes course?
Odyssey has designed and built dozens of high and low ropes courses all over the world. We can build and train you to facilitate your own low or high ropes program.
Low Ropes
High Ropes
Facilitators Odyssey


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